Sunday, May 10, 2009

Noah's birthday

So my baby turned 6 a couple of weeks ago. I CAN'T believe it has been 6 years already. In a moment of weakness, I decided to do a birthday party here at our house. We decided to do a Mad Scientist party. I know..sounds crazy, right? A bunch of kids and lots of mess was exactly what it was, but let me tell you, we had a blast. Well, the kids had a blast.

When they got here, Noah handed them their box with their lab uniforms in them (goggles and lab coat). Then we made marshmallow and toothpick structures, lava lamps, and slime. We played pin the goggles on the professor, and ended the party with an erupting volcano that Noah and I made and the famous diet coke and mentos experiment. Here are some pictures from the party.

goofy faces

My first attempt at an erupting vocano cake.

Erupting vocano

Diet Coke and mentos finale!!


Baseball season has started and Noah is playing machine pitch this year. I LOVE to watch his team play. Most of the kids are his friends from the neighborhood so they have so much fun together learning how to play. They are the Dodgers which made Ryan very happy. He bought he and Cole matching Dodgers hats to "support" Noah's team. Ü

JUST BECAUSE!!! She is sooo Yummy!!!