Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy 1st birthday princess....

WE MADE a year. Actually I should say Emery made it to a year. There have been many times that I wondered if she was going to make it (because of the boys of course), but she made it and we are even more excited to have her here now then the day she was born...It just keeps gettin' better. We love our little poopsie!!

We were going to have a princess theme, but couldn't find a princess cake pan so we settled on what they had...a butterfly and yes I made it so don't look to closely at it. After I got done making it, I realized the frosting wasn't going to be as fun as it should be for a 1 year old so we sent white grandpa to the store to get a cupcake that she could enjoy eating and we could enjoy watching. When he came home he had balloons for her. Who knew that balloons were soo exciting. Sorry about the sideways video, again... Thank you black and white grandma and grandpa for coming to Emery's birthday party. We love you!!!

The boys thought it was hilarious when she shoved her face into the cupcake


White grandma and grandpa gave her this baby and stroller. She loves to walk her baby around the house.
Emery giving the baby a kiss.
Black grandma and grandpa gave her this cute cabbage patch doll. Funny story about that...Everyone always tells me that Emery looks like a cabbage patch doll. I totally agree and have been looking for the exact replica of her. I know it's out there somewhere. My mom found this one with light brown hair and blue eyes. I wanted dark brown hair and blue eyes, but we we haven't found it yet, so the beautician in her decided that she would just dye the hair brown. Well after a full day of trying, she found out that plastic hair doesn't dye quite as easily as real hair. Oh well, Emery didn't care if the doll had dark brown, light brown or any hair, but thanks for trying anyways mom. Love you!!! Ü


Burts said...

She could not be any cuter!!! Where does time go?

Kim said...

for real? a year already? she's darling and looks like she's so much fun to be around!

Rozanne said...

My son has a crush on your daughter! We just watched Emery push her stroller about 15 times. Every time it finishes Easton says, "watch Emery stroller again"

McInnes Family said...

NO Way! I can't believe she is a year old. That makes me so sad that I haven't seen her more. We really must get together. I love the cabin pictures. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. And holy cow, McKeyan is so old!!

The Oswalds said...

Hey Ang, it's Cody. I just wanted to tell you thanks for letting Derek come stay this weekend he had a fun time! Don't take it personal that I didn't come, I just needed a break to do a few things that I wanted to do! I'm kind of having a tuff time finding one minute to myself with two kids! I'm sure you understand. Any ways thanks a bunch! We hope you guys can come this weekend for Easter! And we finally got a blogspot! It is Take care. Cody